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Don’t shy away-Get Hemorrhoids Treated


Hemorrhoids are also known as piles. It is a condition where the lower end of the rectum becomes inflamed and enlarged. In adverse conditions, they may burst and cause rectal bleeding and lead to infections. They are not visible and painless but can cause bleeding. External hemorrhoids are painful and visible. They cause bleeding. hemorrhoids how long they last depend on which stage of hemorrhoid is it. Hemorrhoids can be divided into four stages.

The causes can be-(1) sitting for longer duration of time, in the toilet or at job. While sitting the pressure falls on the blood vessels in the colon, resulting in the hemorrhoids; (2) lifting heavy weights; (3)chronic diarrhea; (4)chronic constipation; (5)pregnancy- especially in the third trimester the uterus enlarges creating pressure on the rectum; (6) aging- hemorrhoids are more common in people between 45 – 65 years of age- Reduced blood flow to the anus, sedentary lifestyle and constipation are the main reasons ;(7) obesity- keeping away from fiber rich food and loading on food with refined flour is supposed to be the main problem. Food like pasta, cakes, pies, white bread should be avoided; (8) sedentary lifestyle- with no exercise increases the chances; (9) genetic reasons and (10) untreated gastric conditions like dysentery are some of the main causes of hemorrhoids.

Symptoms-painful bowel movement; rectal bleeding or bloody stools; fecal leakage; pain, itching and irritation on the anal region; swelling or lumps around anus.

Tests-Digital rectal exam and sigmoidoscopy are tests to diagnose hemorrhoids.

  • Home treatments–

Sitz bath;

Soaking in warm water;

Sitting on hot water bag or bottle of warm water;

Cold compress-reduces swelling;

Using stool softeners; and

Good hygiene- cleaning anus with warm water without soap helps to treat mild hemorrhoids.

Non-surgical treatments—

Rubber band ligation meant for internal hemorrhoids. To stop the blood flow to the hemorrhoids, they are tied at the base with rubber bands.

Injection therapy (Sclerotherapy) for internal hemorrhoids- a chemical solution known as   sclerosant, is injected in the tissue around the hemorrhoid.

Infrared photocoagulation is meant for internal hemorrhoids. A beam of infrared rays is used to scar tissue, cuts off the blood flow to the hemorrhoids, and reduces the mass.

Electro coagulation uses electricity to scar the tissue around the hemorrhoid.

Cures in alternate medicine- in ayurveda treatment, haritaki and jimikand herbs are used to treat hemorrhoids along with maintaining healthy digestive lifestyle. Triphala is also a good choice. In homeopathic treatment, hamamelis, ratanhia, graphites, nux vomica and aesculus medicines are the most effective medicines available.

Surgical treatments–

Hemorrhoidectomy- this surgery is done under anesthesia.

Hemorrhoidopexy or hemorrhoid stapling- is removal of excessively enlarged hemorrhoid tissue. Remaining hemorrhoid tissue is repositioned and stapled back in its normal anatomic position. Hemorrhoids how long they last are not the question to be asked because it depends on many factors. It would be better to stay away from it. Prevention is better than cure! By changing our lifestyle and food intake, we can keep away from all kinds of diseases.