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The pros and cons of Physiotherapy


What a good therapy or we can the best is a promise that one makes with oneself to live for the sake of not compromising on health but surrendering to the norms of fitness and the like. A good discipline and motivation to implement strict rules and make it organised and liveable, is very important.

Saying strict no to the food items like, too much oily that is containing, fats; sugar that increases cholesterol and extra fats and leads to diabetes should be encouraged. Certain beverages should be diverted for abstinence like alcohol and cigarettes. Hence, we can find an abode in the physiotherapy programs or institutes like Omirou physiotherapy.


Different aspects responsible for its need

The time has arrived to first look at the options that we have to counter the factors responsible for health concerns. Mental and emotional breakdowns and attacks are on the rise.Unhealthy Lifestyle results in some diseases that we see today are following,

Diseases like injuries in joints, spine, bones, ligaments and tendons.These injuries are existent and are accelerating today. And, this isdue to constant work pressure that makes a person negligent and does not stand out of his chair and relax and unwind or do any kind of exercise.Due totensions and stress, nervous dysfunction for nervous breakdown and neurological diseases, presentworld is also fighting with syndromes like impingement syndrome, sprains ligament rupture, bursitis, tendonitis and tendinopathy, muscle contusion, inflammation and back pain and oedema.

Features of Physiotherapy

With the advancement of science and technology, the scienceof physiotherapy assures a great treatment as follows

  • Orthopaedic physiotherapy
  • Neurological physiotherapy
  • Sport injuries
  • Rehabilitation and post operation rehabilitation
  • Therapeutic exercise programs for rehabilitation
  • Spine and joint manipulation
  • Home therapy
  • Therapeutic massage

All these are offered by neuro physiotherapy that makes a good operation of the muscles and bones. Individuals with mobility problems are given home therapy and therapeutic massage to increase blood circulation and improve lymphatic circulation some Physiotherapy techniques are joint mobilization, joint manipulation, Physiotherapy instrument mobilisation, minimum muscle stretching and massage. Professional physiotherapist’s offerproper biomechanical assessment that is done the diagnostic observation is also detected.

Thus, a kind hand is given to the patient with a systematically candour approach like one that is Omirou Physiotherapy. The solutions are apparent, real and methodical. One has to trust the doctor who is no less than God!