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Tips in Finding the Right Surrogate Parent

Tips in Finding the Right Surrogate Parent

Finally deciding to find a surrogate parent for your future family is truly one of the hardest decision you will ever make for your family, but it is also one of the most noble things you can do for your future family.

We do understand how frustrating it is to think that you can’t bear a child with you and carry through with pregnancy. It felt like as if womanhood has been taken away from you- but you don’t have to think it that way. You are can still be a great woman, a perfect wife, and an amazing mother even if you didn’t have the chance to bear one.

But when you finally took off the idea that you are not what as low as you think that you are, and then it is time that you have considered to take the surrogacy. Along with that, it is also important that you find a surrogate that is ideal and right for you.

Today’s blog will help you sort it out, here are 5 tips you should know in finding the right surrogate parent.

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5 tips in Finding a Surrogate Parent

One important thing that you should know as you venture into the whole surrogacy journey is that you really have to know the parent you would want to bear for your future children. This is no joke; you can’t just pick someone and tell them to be a surrogate parent for you.

To help you, here are top 5 tips for you to find a surrogate parent that is reliable and trustworthy.

  1. Know the Type of Surrogacy First

Before you even start jotting down names of prospective parent, it is ideal that you also define what type of surrogacy you are going into. It can be a traditional surrogacy or gestational. In a traditional surrogacy, it requires the surrogate’s egg to be fertilized with sperm, either from your partner, or from a donor. Basically the surrogate becomes a biological parent.

However, there’s also another option which is the gestational surrogacy wherein IVF leads to the implantation of your eggs or the eggs of your donor into the surrogate. The surrogate will then have no biological connection to the baby- they just act like the one who carries your baby for you and go through 9 months of pregnancy.

  1. Look for a Surrogate Agency

Surrogacy has been such a common thing today which leads for professional to actually have an agency where people get into whenever they need one. Plus what makes it really ideal because they are all well taken care of and they are legit.

  1. Do not Settle

Never let a surrogate parent lives with you as a third important party in your family. This is the perks of actually having an agency that you can go to because the agency is the ones who take care of the surrogate parent up until 9 months. Basically, the surrogate mother will become an important part of your life at least for the next few years. She would likely become an extended part of your family and this is something critical that you find it comfortable for someone who is bearing your child. It would be best to find a surrogate that does not require staying with you and your family at home. The best option is to go for a surrogate agency.